My Teaching Style

Lesson Information

  1. Policies/Pricing:
    • For in person lessons
    • For online lessons
    • For adult lessons
    • For video responses: this is where you can send me a video asking a question or playing music and I'll send a response video back.
  2. Teaching Locations:
    • Online: anywhere
    • In person AZ home studio AZ

Other Resources

  1. Flipgrid: a place for my students to share their videos and see each other play. Private and only accessible by students within my studio. Flipcode and Login ID to be provided.
  2. Noteflight: Free notation software that allows for composing and experimenting with sounds on the staff.
  3. Recommended Apps:
  4. Ultimate Guitar: free access to chord charts of virtually any popular songs
  5. HookTheory: site that shows the theory behind thousands of popular songs
  6. IMSLP Classical Music Database: website that has thousands of classical music scores available for free download